Урок 1 - Сказка 2 - A New Winter Sport

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A New Winter Sport

(одежда с единственном числе)
(что-то текучее, жидкость)
(глагол, заканчивающийся окончанием -ing / дієслово)
(ваша школа)
(существительное во множественном числе / іменник в множині)
(глагол в настоящем времени)
(существительное в единственном числе / іменник в однині)
(существительное в единственном числе / іменник в однині)
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A New Winter Sport

Here is a great way to spend a winter day. First, put on a nice warm  (1)___. You want to be sure you stay warm and (2)___. Next, fill a thermos full of hot steamy (3)___. Now you are ready to go snow (4)___!

Some people say only experts should go snow (4 - повторить еще раз предыдущее - verb ending with -ing)___ , but I think anyone can do it if you use a little common sense. I have heard a rumor that (5)___ will be offering special snow (4 - еще раз повторить verb ending with -ing) ___ classes after school at (6)___ , but I don't know if that's true.

The best place to go snow (еще раз повторить verb ending with -ing) (7)___ is on a hill that is covered with snow. First you will want to clear away any leaves and (8)___ . Stand at the top of the hill and shout, “Hey, everybody, (9)___ out below!” Then step onto a(n)  (10)___, point yourself downhill, and off you go.

Snow (4)___ is fun, healthy, and bad. And here is one more tip: everyone will be especially impressed if you can balance a(n) (11)___ on your head or play a(n) (12)___ as you sail by.







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