Task 17_Double festivals mean double fun

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Read the text below. Complete the text with the correct forms of the words in brackets (1–12). Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. An example (0) has been done for you.

Double festivals mean double fun
Jennifer Busch Staff Writer

There seemed to be a lot of worry (0) surrounding (surround) the Northville Fire and Ice Festival this year.
Shop owners throughout the downtown area worried about competing with the Plymouth International Ice Festival, (1) __________ (take) place on the same weekend. Although most seemed reluctant to place blame, few felt that competing with the (2) __________ (large), more established festival was a wise idea, and suggested that it might be easier to find some other kind of attraction (3) __________ (stir) up sluggish winter sales and lure those elusive winter dollars into circulation.
Hindsight being what it is, the festival was a characteristic success, business owners saying that crowds seemed even (4) __________ (big) than last year, when temperatures hit a freakish 50 degrees and ice sculptures (5) __________ (melt) into unrecognizable stubs by midday.
It just goes to show you, shoppers like variety, especially close to home.
In fact, most of the people I ended up talking with at the festival, while wolfing down chili samples under the guise of journalistic veracity, said that they (6) __________ (plan) to go to both festivals, as kind of a winter festival extravaganza. The out of town patrons seemed to figure that if they were going to go gape at ice in one city, why not another? Northville residents felt that (7) __________ (the/these/a/an) Plymouth show wasn’t even that similar to their own event, and made it part of their agenda only after they’d patronized their own show.
Business owners (8) __________ (be) correct in assuming, however, that when scheduling festivals on the same weekend, cities are bound to be competing for some of the same dollars, but what’s wrong with that? Shoppers love variety, especially in the winter, when there is little else to do but hole up in your living room and pray for the writers strike to end so you can view some new (9) _________ (episode) of ‘The Office’ already.
Downtown hoopla of any kind is a wonderful distraction from this type of seasonal malaise, and I think it’s likely that running events concurrently would spread that spending fallout even (10) __________ (far).
Imagine if the Northville founding fathers had scratched their heads at city plans and said, “Well, there’s already a settlement in Plymouth. Why don’t we just (11) ___________ (park) our wagons there?” Not only would that not have been very business savvy, it wouldn’t have been very American, either.
Remember that there (12) __________ (be) a time, 20-odd years ago, when the Plymouth International Ice Festival was nothing more than a couple of big blocks of ice and some forward-thinking marketing moxie.
Northville already has its niche, and it’s doing just fine.

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