Task 13_Swans Swim past My Bedroom Window

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Read the text below. For (1–5) choose T if the statement is true ACCORDING TO the text, F if it is false. Write your answers on the separate answer sheet. An example (0) has been done for you.

“Swans Swim past My Bedroom Window”
Danielle Walker, 13, from Derbyshire

“Four years ago, I lived in a regular house in Nottinghamshire with Mum, Dad and little sister, Nicole, 8. But my dad had always been really into boats, and one day he came home and announced we were all going to live on one.
“The boat is like the TARDIS – it’s loads bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside. It’s as long as two double-decker buses and six foot, six inches high. Because of the big windows, it feels airy and light inside – and the only way you’d know you were on water is a gentle bobbing feeling, which I don’t even notice any more.
“I share my bedroom with Nicole. It’s small. My only bit of personal space is a desk with my computer on it so I can keep in touch with mates on MSN. I have to keep my stuff super-tidy, and not having any space definitely makes me think twice about buying things I don’t really need.
“But it’s worth it. I love living so close to nature. When I look out of my window I can see water and the other boats in the marina – there are always swans and fish swimming past. In the winter it’s warm and cosy, and in the summer, when we sail away on our holidays, I don’t even need to pack. We just untie the rope and float away…”
0 Danielle has been living on a boat-house for four years. (T)
1 All of the family always wanted to live on a boat. ( )
2 The boat is as big and airy as the house where Danielle lived before. ( )
3 You can feel a slight swaying when you are on the boat. ( )
4 Danielle and her sister have enough space to live in. ( )
5 You can always see different birds close to the boat. ( )

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